We specialize in sustainable design and construction and would welcome the opportunity to provide products and ideas to help complete your construction projects all the while minimizing the impact on the environment as well as create a more efficient, cost saving home.  

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We are a small family business that focuses on the traditional art of Timber Framing .  All our Frames are handmade and cut in our shop just as it would have been centuries ago.  Our main focus is creating a frame that will be as unique as our client, that will be cherished and enjoyed for centuries to come.  We pride ourselves in our work and aim for quality versus quantity.  We, at Luxus Timber Frames, have taken the approach of making every frame as if it were our own home.  Giving attention to details is what takes a frame from beautiful to exceptional.

We can work with our clients' existing plans as well as create a completely new custom frame to ensure that our client has the perfect luxurious home they deserve.

Luxus Timber Frames in Ottawa